After reviewing the information below I am sure you will come to the same conclusion, concerning “Your Travel Biz” that I did.

Right now, this very moment, the largest market shift in business history is occurring. The Largest Industry in the World, Travel, is and has been moving to the Internet. This has never happened before and “Your Travel Biz” is capitalizing on it.

I needed more information just like you, so I did an extensive investigation into a publicly traded company, called "Your Travel Biz" (YTBL.PK) and I was so impressed that I called the Owner and Founder, Lloyd Tomer, on January 5, 2005, and invited him to fly to California and visit me.He did. Since that time I have had the President and CEO and the National Marketing Director stay at my home.

These are the same businessmen who revolutionized the Life Insurance Industry. They built the largest life insurance company in the world in only 7 years. Now they are out to revolutionize Travel, the Largest Industry in the World.

These professionals have over 25 years of referral marketing experience EACH. They have a solid, successful business history, solid financial backing, and a phenomenal product that they developed.

As a result of their amazing discovery, Billion Dollar Company, Travelocity has joined forces and “partnered up” with Your Travel Biz.

YTB has combined their winning and tested business model, their one-of-a-kind product and their extravagant, copyrighted pay plan with the 4 most Powerful Trends in the World. Those trends being: Travel, the world’s largest Industry, the Internet, the fastest growing technology in history, the Home Based Businesses Industry, the #1 trend in America and the retiring “Baby Boomers” world-wide.

People work 50 weeks each year and save their money to do what, for 2 weeks? Travel! Right! Now that the “Baby Boomers” are beginning to retire, what are they going to do with more time? Travel, of course!
YTB has been named one of the top 30 small public companies in America.
YTB is publicly traded, SEC regulated and YTB is in the process of moving to the American Stock Exchange or the NASDAQ.

YTB is the first company in referral marketing to protect their distributors’ incomes with the “YTB Bill of Rights”! The parent company cannot change the YTB pay plan and your residual income will be passed on as a legacy to your family.

YTB has the most extravagant pay plan in referral marketing; let me prove it to you.
One of YTB's powerful bonuses is a 50% match of every person's commission you personally enroll, for as long as they are with YTB!
Within a year, I became one of the Top money earners in YTB. Along the way, I found the "Secret" to referral marketing and how to market YTB; let me share it with you. When we talk next I will break the pay plan down and share with you some of the other YTB benefits including “Residual” income, revenue sharing, retirement income and 4 bonuses you won’t believe.
When you share the YTB concept and develop a group of only 500, you receive and average income of over $200,000 per year, a $24,000 per year minimum revenue sharing bonus and your Major Medical Insurance is paid for Life by YTB, whether you are insurable or not. How many families can benefit from this information and how many families can we help?

YTB has currently 45,000 members nation-wide and over 1,000+ new members are joining every week. It seems everyone wants YTB’s benefits.
Please look at the YTB presentation, mentioned below, and I will answer all your questions and fill in the details on their extravagant pay plan when we talk next.

YTB is different! We have NO Inventories, NO Employees, NO Quotas, and NO Legs to balance, No Time limits, NO Charge backs, No Tests to take, NO Selling, NO Experience required, No Paperwork, No Customer Risk, No Deliveries, No Collections and NO Licensing.

Who do you know that would like to own their own Travel Agency Business where they can earn commissions, travel at wholesale, be pampered, receive upgrades and discounts and deduct their travel, business expenses and activities? Everyone, right!